Acoustic Marbles

Acoustic Marbles are small but powerful speakers with exceptional sound quality and purity, also they can hit some serious bass for its size.

Speakers are completely handmade from carbon fiber and epoxy resin out of special molds, quality of the finish is perfect and a result of our years of experience working with carbon.

Ultra-thin and ultra-strong Carbon Shell is mathematically calculated to enhance the sound experience and to create a combination of unique sound and unique appearance.

Gold-Plated connectors with a combination of aluminium and resign are hand build into a unique speaker terminals.

Cables with gold-plated connectors are included with the speakers, our standard cable length is 2.5m but if you need shorter or longer cables they will be made according to your specifications.

Technical Details:

Speaker Box Material: Carbon Fiber
Speaker Box Volume: 5.5 Liter
Speaker Box Diameter: 24 cm
Speaker Overall Height: 27.7 cm
Speaker Weight: 2.1 kg per piece
Bass Reflex Hole: 30mm diam., 80mm long
Speaker Driver Size: 4''
Speaker Driver Membrane: Titanium
Speaker Driver Power Input: 25W
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency Response: 72 – 20.000 Hz

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