Why carbon fiber?

Due to its superior characteristics and the ability to create complex shapes and designs, carbon fiber is perfect material to use in speakers.

What are the advantages of carbon fiber use in speaker boxes?

Carbon fiber is a high stiffness material with the ability of forming into complex shapes which have no deformation and thus no unwanted vibrations that can occur when using large and flat panels as in traditional speaker construction.
And of course the unique design and appearance.

Are the speaker cables included with the speakers?

Yes, the speaker cables are included with the speakers and if you need a special cable size, no problem, we will make custom cables just for your needs.

Why full range drivers?

We prefer to use the full range drivers for their true and natural sound characteristics.

Human ear has the incredible sensitivity. Multi-way speakers have the crossover point in the range where human ears are the most sensitive. Due to the lack of crossovers the phase cancellation problems can not occur and a single driver speaker sounds much more clean and natural.

How do you made them?

All our products are handmade out of carbon fibers and epoxy resin laid in special molds. Quality is the most important thing to us and because of that quantity suffers but the final product is unique and simply perfect.

Will you do a custom product?

Yes, we will do a complete custom build according to your wishes and specifications if we manage to agree on a price. We have the knowledge and technology to produce speakers that will sound good and in the same time they will be a stylish part of your living, working or hobby space.